a quickie, pt 2

I love potlucks and hate them all at once because you never know who among the potluckers is a decent cook and who just thinks stale, subpar grocery store foodstuffs is an acceptable contribution. I’m lucky that I work with a cohort of ladies who are pretty good in the kitchen and for a special staff meeting to discuss our plan of attack for the upcoming flu season, we decided to close the office and head to Cokeville and bring some lunch and other goodies with us. One of my coworkers brought a beautiful coleslaw, with walnuts and apples in it, another brought chicken taco soup (way awesome especially when doused liberally with tabasco), another brought 7 layer dip which I love and often have to have someone physically wrestle from me so I don’t eat it all, my boss brought fresh, yummy donuts for breakfast, and another coworker brought these awesome, addictive blondie/brownie hybrids. Me, I always go for hearty and something that doesn’t require heating when I attend potlucks (and am not bringing dessert). I’m the muffaletta queen usually, but decided this time to bring a version of an Italian grinder that was just as good and didn’t require too many specialized ingredients I didn’t already have on hand. If you’re going to be potlucking or picnicking anytime soon, consider this sandwich. It’s portable, easy, and filling.

Mock Grinder

You need:
deli sliced smoked turkey
deli sliced black forest ham
deli sliced salami
provolone cheese
red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
red onion, sliced thinly
black olives, I buy the already sliced ones in a small can
english cucumber, cut into thin slices
red wine vinegar
pecorino romano, grated
olive oil
salt, pepper
romaine lettuce (optional)
tomato, sliced thinly (optional)
pepperocini, I buy them already sliced in a jar
a loaf of french or italian bread, though I do think this would be MARVELOUS on this herbed boule

In a bowl, combine the red onion, red bell pepper, olives, and cucumber. Give all of this a good dousing of red wine vinegar and drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste and toss in the grated pecorino. Mix this altogether. This can be done the night before and let it hang out in the fridge til you need it before you make your sandwich. Slightly warm your bread in the oven. Take it out, slice in half. Spread some mayo on the bottom of the bread. Add the romaine lettuce and tomatoes, if you’re using them. Layer the turkey, the ham, and the salami. Layer on the provolone cheese. Top with the vegetable mixture and the pepperocini. Top the sandwich with the other half of the bread and cut into slices.

I’m pretty sure you can make this on regular rolls for a small sandwich, or use an even bigger loaf of bread to feed a lot of people. This, made on a full loaf of French bread, made 9 fairly large sandwich slices.


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