all hail rick bayless

Just because he makes me smile. Seriously. Every time I see his joyful, slightly nerdy face on a cookbook I smile and then I open the cookbook and drool. Generally all over the pages but that’s okay. This dish is actually found in the appetizer section, meant to be eaten as a small bite, but I repurposed it as tacos for dinner. It was a dinner that didn’t take much prep or brainwork and since work is crazy and this pity party I’ve been hosting for myself lately has taken over my brain, I have no room for really thinking hard about much.

Creamy Chicken and Spinach with Roasted Poblano and Caramelized Onion (Tacos)
recipe adapted from Fiesta at Rick’s

You Need:

boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into cubes
white onion, sliced thinly
garlic cloves, minced
poblanos or anaheims (since that’s all I can get here), roasted, skin peeled, cut into small pieces
chicken broth
spinach (the original recipe just says “greens” but again, I work with what I can get)
salt, pepper
mexican crema, or if like me, you can’t get it, I thinned sour cream with lime juice and it worked out fine

Salt and pepper the chicken breasts. Heat some oil in a large skillet. Brown the chicken, then remove it to a plate. Add onion to the skillet and caramelize them. Add in the garlic and the sliced anaheims (or poblanos, whatev). Cook for a few minutes. Add the spinach, thyme, and some chicken broth. Cook over medium-high until the liquid is all gone. Add the crema and mix into the chicken well; cook for a few more minutes. Season with more salt and pepper. Serve with corn tortillas, diced tomato, cilantro, and your favorite salsa.

Cooking Music: I’m obsessed with Cee Lo’s new song, Fuck You.


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  1. nancyrunswild

    Total Yum!

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