the day after

I’ve had half a turkey sandwich (last night, at 8:30) and I’m looking forward to our leftovers dinner, and more turkey sandwiches. I do hope everybody had a magnificent Thanksgiving – we did. It was small and lovely and there was way too much food. A rousing success, if you ask me.

Erik, deconstructing the turkey. it almost hurts a little, watching it get mangled. but it sure was delicious…

Parkerhouse Rolls (I wasn’t very happy with this recipe. I’m sticking to Pioneer Woman’s rosemary rolls from here on out)

I am generally not a fan of dressing – I could not choke down all previous incarnations of it but this I rather liked. I dried out cubes of rustic, sourdough bread and tossed it with sauteed (in butter of course) onion, leek, celery, and roasted pale yellow acorn squash, along with sage, eggs, salt, pepper, and lots of homemade chicken stock. It baked up crisp and stayed very moist on the inside.

neither my father in law or erik’s grandpa eats turkey (in fact my father in law has a weird, very intense aversion to chicken, eggs, or any kind of poultry related food) so they brought a prime rib roast they made. in the middle there are the traditional marshmallow topped sweet potatoes

the rest of the spread

maple pumpkin pie on the left, buttermilk sweet potato pie (my favorite pie this year, actually) on the right. I mucked up the first pie crust batch so I ended up making Martha Stewart’s pate brisee and that ended up being pie crust perfection. Though honestly, after 2 1/4 sticks of butter, I’d have been seriously pissed if it hadn’t been utterly mind blowingly delicious. my crusts shrank though, as if you couldn’t tell.


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