Stuff I Love Lately

1. The Hungry Texan – filling a lot of holes in my menus, let me tell you. I have most, if not all, of her recipes bookmarked. Tonight’s lovely soup is courtesy of this great blog. Visit, if you get a chance. Lots of good stuff here.
2. Not having to spend a ton of money each week buying meat because I’ve got lots in my freezer.
3. Feeling appreciative when the temperature goes above zero. It felt like a tropical vacation because it was 15 ABOVE this morning.
4. Soup nights! I’m warmed toes-up by a good soup. Tonight’s featured ham I froze off our leftovers from Christmas dinner, celery, carrots, and white beans. Total comfort food and warmth.

Ham and Bean Soup
recipe adapted from The Hungry Texan

You Need:
leftover ham bone
slices of leftover ham, diced up, or use ham you pull off the bone
celery, diced
carrots, diced
onions, diced
garlic cloves, minced
a can of northern white beans
chicken stock or water
cream of celery soup (I used this recipe to make my own – canned is expensive at the grocery!)

Heat some oil in a large stockpot. Toss in the ham bone and let it brown up on all sides. Add celery, carrots, onion, and garlic and saute til the onion is softened. Add chicken stock or water (I used a mixture of both) and let it simmer for 20 minutes or so. Stir in the diced up ham, beans, celery soup, and season with pepper. I did NOT need any salt whatsoever and you likely won’t either. Simmer some more on medium-low for 30 minutes or so. Serve with crusty bread. My version of the soup isn’t as creamy as hers – she uses milk and the cream of celery I ended up with wasn’t super thick and creamy like I would have liked it to be. If you’d like a thicker soup, visit the link above.



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4 responses to “Stuff I Love Lately

  1. jewelboxer

    i have to seriously be in the mood for ham to even touch it, and that seldom happens, which makes scott rather sad. but that cream of celery soup recipe…YUM. i need to make it and just eat it with some cheesy toast.

  2. rebekah

    I know what you mean. I’m generally only in the mood for ham at Christmas and sometimes for breakfast. Otherwise, eh. But I really needed to start conserving moneys by freezing leftover meats so ham soup it was.

    I’m going to try out that celery soup on its own as well. It was pretty good.

  3. Harris

    Chris I recently made this one, twice! The second time I cooked it a little bit longer (both times in a dutch oven, in the oven) and the meat was very, very tender.

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