take two

So once upon a time, I bungled up this cake which disappointed me sorely since I really, really, really liked eating it at Rebecca Rather’s place in Fredricksburg. Today, using the brand new bundt pan Erik got me for Christmas, I made it again and holy super chocolatey cake success, Batman!

the crumb is super moist, and I used the dark cocoa powder for the glaze. If you’re on a New Year’s health kick right now, I don’t recommend making it unless you’re feeling like splurging. Me, I don’t care about calorie counting right now so I’m going to eat cinnamony chocolate cake, man. The recipe is located in the link above if you want to give it a try.



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2 responses to “take two

  1. emily

    holy geez. im gonna get to crackin’ pecans because this is getting made this week. by me. for sure.

  2. rebekah

    YES. everyone I know should make this cake because it is FANTASTIC. a couple of things: 1) i used hershey brand regular unsweetened cocoa powder and it turned out well, and 2) grease your bundt pan very well because it does have a tendency to stick. Yes, the glaze would very happily cover up patchy bits, but if sticking cakes make you crazy like they do me: grease that pan. if you’re making cupcakes, this will make a lot of cupcakes and i would use liners so minimize sticking. oh and the batter is really, really thin, so don’t be alarmed at its consistency. also, i took my pan of melted chocolate and butter off heat and scraped it into a bowl before i added my egg. i just didn’t feel like scrambling eggs in my cake batter.

    there. i hope i didn’t scare you off of making the cake with all that. :/

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