Menu Plan Monday

I like this idea of blogging the weekly menu, which I got from other blogs about food and organization, both things that I love so here’s my contribution.

Monday: enchiladas, refried beans, possibly rice
Tuesday: crock pot pork posole (with scallions, limes and avocados as garnishes)
Wednesday: rigatoni pasta with italian sausage meat sauce, hot crusty bread – in this case a leftover loaf of pain au levain I baked and froze – with italian butter (just olive oil with minced garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and a blend of italian spices mixed with it)
Thursday: spicy chipotle chicken tacos, beans
Friday: jalapeno cheddar burgers (on homemade burger buns thanksverymuch), french fries
Saturday: I’m thinking total comfort food: steak fingers and mashed potatoes with GRAVY.
Sunday: not sure yet, but I’m eyeing a recipe for beef stew with beer that Pioneer Woman just blogged… and yes, I’m aware that’s a lot of beef several days in a row.



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4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. jewelboxer

    now i’m going to copy you. just so you know.

  2. rebekah

    please do! everyone needs to so i can pull dishes from everyone else! menu planning is hard, man!

    • jewelboxer

      the hard part for me is actually sticking to the plan.

      all your red meat makes me smile because as long as i fit one or two chicken or fish dishes in for the week, i feel like i have won. red meat isn’t really that bad for you anyway…unless it’s ALL you are eating. and c’mon, who among us is eating like a pound of protein in one sitting? i’ll get in my turkey and tofu during lunches, thankyouverymuch. beef. it’s what for dinner.

  3. rebekah

    i have very little wiggle room in terms of plan stick-to-it-tiveness because my grocery store is 20 minutes away and all of the only good places to eat out are also in the next town over. it has to be a really, really good reason for me to make a trip over there on a weeknight just to eat something different.

    and you’re right – i do not think, even with erik’s voracious appetite, that either of us puts away that much protein in one sitting. still, more variety would probably be good for us. i like some vegetarian dishes, but not all.

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