Menu Planning

I do all my shopping on Saturdays out of necessity – nothing is open here on Sundays (which really, really, really drives me nuts, you have no idea how nuts this makes me) and I don’t have time to drive all the way to my grocery store in the next town on weeknights. I refuse to shop at the grocery that’s actually in town. Their produce sucks, their meat sucks and they want to charge you a shit-ton of money for crap. So if I don’t get everything I need for the week on Saturday, it doesn’t get got and that means last minute menu changes once I realize I forgot something. And I’m extremely anal about my plans and schedules so that kind of change means anxiety. Unless it’s a planned change, in which case I’m cool with it. Like tonight for instance. A beef stew was supposed to make up our dinner, but instead I used some boneless pork ribs, rubbed ’em with some fantastic rub Amanda gave me for Christmas, browned them in a little bit of oil, poured a bottle of Shiner over them, scattered onions on top, covered the whole thing with foil and popped them in the oven on low heat for several hours. Slather some sauce over them after their long beer bath, bake them for another hour or so and YUM. Almost felt like summer up in here.

Sunday: Ox Eyes and flour tortillas for breakfast. For dinner, beer braised pork ribs, macaroni and cheese and NO VEG. And I’ve come to realize that despite my best efforts to continually advance my cooking skills and palate, there will always be a “sometimes I want to make mac and cheese with velveeta.” I am totally fine with this.
Monday: Breakfast: yeasted Belgian waffles. Dinner: chicken tortas on bolillos, most likely smeared with refried beans, spicy avocado spread, and a sprinkling of some queso fresco I made on Saturday. Dudes, I made these bolillos today and they’re super awesome. There’s masa harina and cornmeal in the dough and once everything’s all baked up, there’s a fantastic crunch to these rolls.
Tuesday: I didn’t get my bagels made this weekend, so I’ll probably make some kind of breakfast sandwich with poached eggs and toast. Erik is making spicy chili with lots of veg (to make up for tonight) and beer. I shall eat this with Emily’s cornbread.
Wednesday: More eggs in some form, for breakfast, maybe with grits. Later, lemon zest-panko crusted pork chops, zucchini & yellow squash sauteed. Perhaps a half batch of Amanda’s cheddar biscuits, if I’m feeling the whole “midweek baking” thing.
Thursday: Leftover yeast waffles; Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stew with Beer
Friday: Breakfast tacos: listen, it’s easy to have lots of tortillas on hand for the week. I made a full batch on the weekend, lightly cook the tortillas on both sides on the griddle, then wrap ’em up and refrigerate them. Heat a comal in the morning, warm the tortillas and you’re set. For dinner, I have no idea yet. Maybe I’ll have Erik make some puffy nachos. The more I think about puffy nachos, the more I like this idea.

Product pimping time: I bought some SnackTaxi’s last week because I hate throwing away all those little plastic sandwich baggies. They’re expensive and I feel bad about all that waste. These SnackTaxi’s are really handy little dudes – they’re washable, not made of plastic, and roomy. The large ones comfortably hold sandwiches, and the smaller ones are good for chips or Erik’s triscuits and laughing cow wedges, or cut up veggies. Plus they come in a lot of cute patterns and colors:

They’re kind of spendy, but worth it, I think. And no, I didn’t receive any for free SnackTaxi’s for my “review.” I bought them. I’m not that kind of blog that gets free shit. Though I wish I were, sometimes.



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13 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. Awesome, I’m glad you liked the bolillos! And you know what…I have days like that, too…sometimes a few in a row. Good ol’ comfort food is something I’ll NEVER let go of 🙂 Sounds like a tasty week. What in the world are Ox Eyes? Ox. Eyes?

    • rebekah

      I have never had bolillos that had those ingredients in them before. They are super great. I can’t wait to pile stuff on them and EAT THEM ALL. And that queso turned out awesome too! I was so ready for it not to work for me because that’s just my luck sometimes with new things, but I have a cute little disc of queso in my fridge as we speak. 🙂

      Ox eyes have nothing to do with actually oxen. heh. they’re like eggs poached in salsa – I roast tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic; whiz ’em in a food processor with cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper; put the sauce in a skillet, break some eggs in, cover it, and let the eggs cook until the whites are set. They are SO good with beans and flour tortillas, especially if you like a little spice with breakfast.

  2. nancyrunswild

    I will never turn down a taco, ever. We buy ready made tortillas at the store because we’re lazy like that. Mom doesn’t even attempt to make them fresh anymore. And I’ve never learned how to made them. So ready made tortillas it is in my house! LOL

    Those baggies are so cute!

    You had me guessing at “ox eye” but glad to see they aren’t real ox!

    • rebekah

      hey we used to have them all the time in our house too when we didn’t have time to make them and my brother actually likes the store bought kind. I just prefer homemade so I’ve worked out how to have them on hand constantly.

      and yes, no actually ox eating in this house. even i’m not that adventurous. 🙂

  3. jewelboxer

    oh man, your ox eyes are made of tastiness; they were one of my first meals with dallas farmers’ market produce about a year and a half ago! i am so envious of your breakfasts…it reminds me of growing up, because my mom was always big on actually making breakfast. i only do it on the weekends now because scott is up at 4:45 and that is just not happening for me.

    also, i puffy heart boxed shells and cheese. scott thinks i’m gross, but whatever, he likes big hunk candy bars and that’s WAY grosser.

    also, i feel very special being linked 😉 glad you found a good use for the rub.

    • rebekah

      boxed mac and cheese = a delightful time for my tummy. big hunks are disgusting. erik likes them too. we have to do the breakfast thing because erik is super skinny & has a very physical job in which he expels more calories than he takes in. he was getting dizzy and not feeling well back when wasn’t eating breakfast. now i cook every morning and he’s not had those weird spells since. plus i’m a breakfast junkie anyway so….

      ooh all of those rubs just smell amazing. i used the smokehouse one for the ribs last night. delightful, really.

  4. oooooh let me know how the beef stew goes. i have it bookmarked as well.

    • rebekah

      i will, dude. we bought Shiner beer specifically for it and Erik’s chili. It almost hurts to use it to cook since here it’s an “import” and priced accordingly. But I love the flavor it adds to food.

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