No Words

Just a photograph of perfection, the loveliest sopes I have ever eaten, courtesy of the Masa King by way of yet another excellent recipe from Girlichef. A moment of silence for dinner perfection please, people.



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8 responses to “No Words

  1. Okay. If I am ever in need of an ego boost, I can just stop by your place! LOL, thanks so much for the shout-out…wish I could reach through and grab that plate, they look frickin’ amazing!

  2. rebekah

    I do have to thank you for providing us with some awesome dinners. I can’t make sopes, never could, so I was REALLY happy that these were so good. I’m also glad my husband has such a knack for making masa-related things or else I’d never get good sopes, corn tortillas, or puffy tacos….

  3. nancyrunswild

    So pretty!

  4. jewelboxer

    that is indeed picture-perfect. seriously, i think it’s my first REAL postpartum craving 😉

    • rebekah

      dude, if i could pack him on up and send him your way with a bag of masa to make you some, i totally would.

      p.s. THAT BABY. such gorgeousness. ::dies:: (you’re an amazing woman and i am so happy for you guys)

      • jewelboxer

        gracias 😉 i hope my mom sent you the little foodie picture; she took it today and said she would be sure to email it to you.

  5. rebekah

    Oh yes, I saw it. And man, she’s teeny because I though that shirt was just SO tiny when I handled it and it looks so big on her. Too, too cute. 😀

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