menu planning

A day late, for sure, but we traveled to Idaho Falls yesterday to get some shopping done. Refilling basic staples and cleaning supplies and pet food gets expensive here, so we drive two hours away to get all that stuff cheaper. Cracker and Negra received a brand new water bowl, dog bed, and a new sweater for each of them. So the trip was quite worth it. I also had to make a run into a grocery store there for fresh rosemary – sometimes my store carries it, but only when I don’t need it. When I actually do need it for something, they don’t have it. Oy. Anyway, menus this week are basic. We don’t make a big to-do about Valentine’s day, so we’re not making anything special. I am, however, making crumpets for the first time, and trying out a new recipe for baguettes. I am very excited about this.

Saturday: spent in Idaho Falls. We picked up a deli pizza from the grocery store and just heated it up at home. It was quite good and no effort expended at all.
Sunday: crumpets with butter and honey or syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon. For dinner: caldo de res. A friend on Facebook posted a picture of her assembly for caldo and it made me crave it.
Monday: I am making oversize breakfast biscuits and will likely make breakfast sandwiches with them. Quick, portable, easy. For dinner: those delicious Shiner Bock French dips, served on baguettes. Can’t wait!
Tuesday: papa con huevo tacos. I love ’em. For dinner: Provencal Chicken with a side salad (and Annie’s buttermilk salad dressing) and baguette!
Wednesday: eggs and bacon for breakfast. For dinner: swiss steak and mashed potatoes. I’ve got broccoli I’ve got to use, so I’ll probably steam some.
Thursday: cinnamon roll muffins, fruit and maybe a soft boiled egg. For dinner: panko crusted chicken breast, hasselback potatoes, salad.
Friday: eggs and grits for breakfast, for dinner: fajita tacos with cilantro lime rice.

Neg’s new sweater and bed

Crack’s new shirt.


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