Menu Planning

It’s snowing again. Continual winter is no good but three day weekends are AWESOME. So is the prospect of lots of yeasty projects over the next couple of days. And dinner tonight, which will be fish. I’m craving fried catfish still, but I’ll have to settle for cod. My brain’s all a-jumble right now and all I want to do is eat and get my house organized, you know, simple things. We worked for two hours today on Erik’s workroom and it’s clean. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. As a reward, I’m going to make myself some red velvet cupcakes. I’ve got to get my crafty lady room up to snuff, too. I’ve been feeling awfully lazy these days, which makes our cleaning jag feel extra special. I don’t even have the energy to really cook but I want to eat and eating’s not possible unless I get off my butt. We’ve got good stuff this week and I can do a bunch of prepping on my day off. Here’s what we’re eating:

Today: I’m making cod and a recipe for hushpuppies I yanked off the internet. Erik bought himself a piece of ahi tuna and I think he’s pretty excited about it.
Sunday: for breakfast, I’m using up the last of our sausage for buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy. For dinner, I’m beer braising a pork roast, with either potato salad or dutch oven potatoes, Amanda’s rolls, and some kind of vegetable. We’ve got both garden peas and beets in our freezer we’ve got to use.
Monday: I have the day off and I’m WAY excited about it. I’m going to lounge, possibly watch some Fringe on the Roku, and do a little cooking prep along with my baking. For breakfast, I’m eyeing Pioneer Woman’s baked French Toast, and for dinner we’re having carne guisada, rice, beans, and flour tortillas.
Tuesday: I’ll probably make migas for breakfast. For dinner, penne all’ arrabbiatta with a side salad and some focaccia.
Wednesday: I haven’t decided what to make for breakfast. For dinner, it’s Pioneer Woman to the rescue again with Marlboro Man’s steak sandwiches, caramelized onions, parmesan-garlic roast potatoes, and some kind of vegetable.
Thursday: I haven’t had oatmeal in a long time, so I think I’m going to make some. Probably with cinnamon and bananas in it. For dinner, Emily made this red chili chicken with rice and black beans and I’m stealing it.
Friday: I’ll use up leftover flour tortillas and make breakfast tacos. For dinner, I’m using a disc of pie crust leftover from the holidays that’s been hanging out in the freezer for chicken pot pie.




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2 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. jewelboxer

    i LOVE chicken pot pie. and anything braised, especially in beer. your menu makes me sad i’m doing frozen pizza and pre-prepped meals from central market this week; i’ve packed most of my kitchen for friday’s move.

    do you have a set recipe for the pasta sauce or is it a by-heart-and-taste thing?

  2. rebekah

    ah, i’d forgotten you said you were moving! good luck with the travels and moving in stuff. it’s hard work. i’m still jealous you have a central market from which to get meals. i’d do the same once in awhile if i had one 🙂 you know, friday i didn’t feel like cooking at all and i was thinking if we lived in a normal place we’d be able to just have some domino’s delivered but we don’t so i had eggs. i really, really wanted a dominos pizza. 😦

    as for the sauce, it depends on the situation. sometimes it totally is a by feel and taste sort of thing. for the dish i’m talking about, i use Mark Bittman’s recipe ( which is easy and tasty. sometimes i sub a can of san marzanos for the fresh tomatoes just because i love them.

    BY the WAY, that birth announcement was beautiful; thank you for sending me one 🙂

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