Menu Planning

I’m posting a day early because I’ve had my menu and shopping list completed since Monday. That’s efficiency, ya’ll. I haven’t posted much this week because Erik and I are hopelessly addicted to our latest television discovery – Lost. I come home from work, get my evening housework done, cook, feed the animals, wolf down dinner, load the dishwasher, take my night shower, then plop onto the couch with Erik to watch Lost. Never even occurred to me to photograph anything we’ve eaten, never mind post a recipe. I feel bad, but as caught up as we are in the program (halfway through season 2, thankyouverymuch) I don’t feel that bad.

Anyway, this week’s menu is one I look forward to. Erik’s dad got a new smoker and miracle of miracles, we found brisket! A small one, 3 1/2 lbs or so, but a brisket all the same. We’re going to rub that sucker and get him smoked for Sunday dinner. Despite all of our snow storms lately, it’s enough to remind me of summer. I NEED SOME SPRING OR SUMMER IN MY LIFE, PEOPLE. Ugh. So. Much. Snow.

I guess we’re doing that chicken pot pie I mentioned before because I shifted our menu midweek. On Wednesday, the meat dude from our grocery store sold Erik (half price) some truly excellent t-bones a guy named Ron special ordered. But this dude never showed up to collect his specially ordered meat. They even had a fantastic rub on them already. I made them Thursday night and they were awesome. So thanks for being flaky, Ron. Your steak was delicious. Tonight instead of pot pie, we bought pizza and beer and are watching, um, Lost. It’s a perfect Friday night meal/activity.

Breakfast: Erik will be making us eggs in a hole (or toad in a hole, whatever you want to call it). He doesn’t know it yet, but it’s his turn for Sunday breakfast.
Dinner: brisket, baby. accompanied by dutch oven potatoes, corn on the cob (frozen, but hey, I take what I can get this time of year), and potato-rosemary yeast rolls.

Breakfast: morning sunshine muffins, poached eggs, bacon (because Erik needs protein)
Dinner: crockpot cochinita pibil on tostada shells, rice, refried beans

Breakfast: vegetable egg scramble, toast
Dinner: lemon herb dutch oven chicken with smashed red potatoes, leftover potato rolls

Breakfast: potato & egg tacos (yeah I know, I’m not real imaginative sometimes)
Dinner: plain old taco night. It’s a great fall-back dinner when I have no clue what else to make.

Breakfast: sunny side eggs, grits & toast
Dinner: open face Italian roast beef sandwiches on focaccia I baked and froze this past weekend, Ina Garten’s cornmeal onion rings

Breakfast: Belgian yeast waffles
Dinner: Japanese fried chicken, vegetable fried rice

For lunch desserts this upcoming week, I’m baking this cake. I can’t wait to eat it.


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