Menu Planning

So there’s new breakfast items on the menu this week and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been variations upon variations of eggs, breakfast meats, toasts, etc., which is fine, but I want something different once in awhile. I indulged myself at the grocery store and purchased a box of plain couscous (wild, man! treating ones self to couscous!) just in time to run into a recipe for breakfast couscous – honey, cinnamon, milk, almonds and I’m adding apple and maybe bananas. I honestly can’t wait. I had a difficult time creating this week’s menu. I paged through magazine after magazine and even Tastespotting’s run of pictures weren’t what I was looking for. I just couldn’t find anything that excited me. So I guess the theme was “keep the grocery bill low by not buying lots of meat” so I’m using up the odds and ends in our freezers. What I came up with isn’t bad at all.

Dinner: fajitas with the last of our stash of skirt steak, rice and beans

Breakfast: orange rolls – I’m feeling like something sweet, bright, and zesty
Dinner: pasta bake with mini meatballs, garlic knots

Breakfast: cinnamon swirl pancakes
Dinner: spicy red beans, sausage and rice, cornbread

Breakfast: Farmer’s Country Breakfast, butter dips
Dinner: green chili pork stew

Breakfast: hot breakfast couscous (eggs and grits for Erik)
Dinner: BLT’s, spicy roasted potato wedges, some vegetable for a side

Breakfast: biscuit breakfast sandwiches (finally making those freezer biscuits this weekend!)
Dinner: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn

Breakfast: egg and bacon scramble
Dinner: pork chops, potatoes rosti, some vegetable side I haven’t figured out yet

For my baking projects, I’m tackling another recipe for bread. My mother in law gave me her mother’s recipe for potato bread and I’m going to try it out for our sandwiches. For desserts, I’m making coffee streusel bundt cake. More on this deliciousness later.



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4 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. Laura

    I am totally trying the couscous recipe, HEB had couscous on clearance and i bought it all and have been looking for ways to use it. I hope it is as good as it sounds!

  2. rebekah

    let me know how it turns out – if you like it. it certainly looks good! i’ve been craving something lightly sweet and creamy for breakfast, but didn’t want to make oatmeal. this is a good compromise. i’m subbing in bananas served with it instead of the dried fruit and i’ll probably use my regular 2% milk instead of skim.

    i like grilling vegetables and mixing them with couscous – maybe adding some feta or some kind of vinaigrette and taking that for my lunches at work. the possibilities of couscous are practically endless.

  3. let me know how that potato bread goes. i’ve been eyeballing a couple recipes that i’m too scared to try..

  4. rebekah

    I will keep you posted. There’s no actual potatoes in this recipe, which surprises me. You use the water from boiling potatoes instead. I’ve tried some rolls and sandwich rolls recipes from the King Arthur Flour blog that use potatoes in them, and the only thing that was difficult about them was the dough is very soft and sticky. Otherwise they actual baked rolls are really soft and tender and pretty delicious.

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