Menu Planning

Making this week’s menu was so, so, so difficult. I’ve been hard up for ideas lately. Asking Erik for help with planning doesn’t work either because his answer is and always will be: “beef, gravy and mashed potatoes.” That’s literally all he wants to eat. I have a ton of barbecuing recipes bookmarked, but I can’t make them yet. Erik and I are sick to death of chicken and I’m really afraid I’m going to start wearing out my crock pot. I’ve used it a lot in the last month or so. So I’m in an in-between sort of state with our meals, trying to phase out most of our soup nights in hopes that the weather will just magically transform to warm. (That said, soup’s on the menu this week :/) Some of last week’s intended meals didn’t get made because of Erik’s “Oral Surgery” (ugh, the Oral Surgery, honestly). In the long run, it’s probably okay those meals didn’t get made. I’ll just plug them into future menus. And yes, I will be making my usual March 17th corned beef and using up its leftovers in sandwich form. I do so love me some corned beef on rye.

Erik felt like pizza and truthfully I do too. We eat a lot of pizza. So what?


Breakfast:  I think yeasted Belgian waffles will make an appearance. I didn’t make them when they were on the menu week before last because I forgot and made sour cream pancakes instead. My brain, it does not work so well these days.
Dinner: Pioneer Woman’s chicken scallopine served with crusty rolls

Breakfast: omelets! toast!
Dinner: cheesy potato soup (I’m thinking about adding broccoli to this), buttermilk chive mini biscuits.

Breakfast: donut muffins as a treat, egg & breakfast sausage scramble for Erik’s protein
Dinner: I have been craving Krystal’s burgers something fierce so I will be making these. With mustard and pickles, though. French fries will most definitely be involved.

Breakfast: leftover toasted waffles, bacon
Dinner: buttermilk brined pork chops, potatoes rosti (I didn’t make them last week after all), roasted cauliflower

Breakfast: Erik’s eggs & grits
Dinner: corned beef and sauteed cabbage, mini soda bread drop biscuits

Breakfast: Possibly oatmeal for me, eggs and bacon for Erik.
Dinner: corned beef on rye sandwiches with caramelized onions and sauerkraut.

I plan on working more with yeast this weekend. I truly do want to have homemade bread on hand in the house rather than purchasing it all the time so I’m making potato bread again. I found a recipe for crusty rolls on King Arthur Flour’s blog so I will be trying them out. For lunch desserts, I’m making homemade oreos. Last week’s coffee streusel bundt cake was just okay. I really expected to like it more than I did. Erik on the other hand, totally digs it. I thought it was just ‘meh.’


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