Menu Planning

This week is pretty indicative of the fact that I have completely and totally run out of ideas. Totally running on fumes here, people. Although I do have quite a lot of treats up my sleeve to make up for all the boring-ness going on this week.

Dinner: grilling up (literally, I am saying eff you, weather and turning on the actual outside barbecue grill) the last two of those t-bones of Erik’s, serving them up with some hot rolls and roasted carrots with chili and lime

Breakfast: peasant omelets (with potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and cheese), and just because I want to, Hungry Girl Por Vida’s cinnamon sugar pull apart bread
Dinner: French Dips, from the latest issue of Food Network magazine, and potatoes romanoff

Breakfast: scrambled egg and canadian bacon tacos
Dinner: beef ragu with whatever tube pasta I’ve got on hand (the beef will most likely be whatever’s leftover from the beef I’m using for French Dips on Monday), salad with vinaigrette

Breakfast: poached eggs on bagels
Dinner: stuffed pork chops with kielbasa and sauerkraut, some kind of potato side, leftover rolls

Breakfast: I finally made that apple butter swirl bread so I’m using it for toast this week, along with eggs and sausage patties
Dinner: crock pot pulled pork sliders, baked potatoes, roasted cauliflower

Breakfast: another egg and breakfast meat scramble with toast
Dinner: red chili chicken with rice & beans

Breakfast: pecan waffles
Dinner: ground beef tostadas

This week’s lunch desserts will feature “colossal” chocolate chip cookies – the dough has to rest overnight before I can bake them, but I can already tell you that the dough is motherfreaking delicious. The blog from whence these cookies come, is full of amazing looking things to bake. Check them out here.

Next week I’ve got Erik and his sister’s birthday so a birthday cake shall be blogged. And Erik asked for the beef bourgouignon again for his birthday dinner. Though the rest of the week is still up in the air, I did receive the latest issue of Texas Monthly just yesterday and the cover story is about Texas cooking. And there are recipes. I may just put everything in the magazine on the menu for the rest of the week and call it a day.


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