Menu Planning

So we’ve got birthdays in the house this week. Erik (and his sister) will be 29. And all I have to say to Erik is now who’s old, bitch? He makes a big deal out of being 4 whole months younger than me, but until December, we’re the same old age and there’s nothing he can do about it. ::insert gleeful evil cackling:: This week there are a lot of repeats on the menu and things that I look forward to eating precisely because they’re not labor intensive, nor are they particularly healthy. I figure once spring actually gets here and I can get outside and move beyond this winter depression that keeps overtaking me at the moment, then I’ll feel more ambitious to cook new, healthier things. Til then, I’m feeding my soul with junk.

Dinner: beer braised pork carnitas tacos with onion, lime, cilantro

Breakfast: months ago, I attempted a recipe for baked yeast donuts and they beat me. They beat me hard. They will not win this time. I am determined to master the yeast donut.
Dinner: cast iron pepperoni pizza

Breakfast: biscuits and sausage gravy
Dinner: beef tacos with marinated cabbage salsa

Tuesday (the birthday!)
Breakfast: migas
Dinner: the only good place to eat in Afton is a drive-in burger joint and they are only open from April until September. They’re opening this week and this is what Erik has now chosen for birthday dinner. The burgers are great and I’m just excited I have access to their super awesome hot fudge sundaes again this summer.
Dessert: Erik wanted birthday cake made with Mexican chocolate (I have no idea why) so I’ll be adapting this recipe into layer cake form.

Breakfast: citrus sunshine muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon
Dinner: Emily’s chicken and sausage gumbo with rice, cornbread on the side

Breakfast: biscuit breakfast sandwiches
Dinner: chicken fried steak (with some ribeye that needs used up), mashed potatoes and of course gravy. Corn on the side.

Breakfast: Erik made up an egg scramble sort of thing with onions, tomatoes, serranos, sliced potatoes and eggs eaten with corn tortillas that I’d like to try to make myself. It looked delicious when he made it.
Dinner: orange chicken and egg rolls. We’re having a spring roll crisis: Chung’s has discontinued the vegetable spring rolls that I love so much and are now only carrying pork and chicken regular egg rolls at my grocery store. At least that’s what the weird lady who runs the freezer section of the store says. “D/C’d,” she says. Sigh. I am seriously distraught about this.

I don’t plan on doing a ton of baking this weekend. My yeasty obligations begin and end with those donuts and my pizza dough on Sunday. For our lunch desserts, I’m craving Emily’s snickerdoodles. And there will be snickerdoodles, people. THERE WILL BE SNICKERDOODLES.



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2 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. Snickerdoodles make everything better. Seriously. I make them for Billy when I’ve said or done something to make him hate my guts and he gets over it immediately. Works every time.

    Did you see the guest post about baked doughnuts on Brown Eyed Baker this week? I thought of trying it this morning but wasnt feeling all that yeasty… they look good though..

  2. rebekah

    i can’t keep my hands out of the cookie jar but i don’t feel bad about it because of the birthday cake that will be around later this week. these cookies are so. damn. good.

    i saw those baked doughnuts and considered them along with other baked doughnut recipes but the last time i made baked ones, they were AWFUL. so i’m trying out a fried one today (this one: and if they turn out well, i’ll attempt a baked one again.

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