Menu Planning

Things That Make Me Happy:

– when my pharmacist says to me each time I refill my Ambien, “you know those make you drowsy right?” I think he’s joking. I’m pretty sure he’s joking. It just makes me laugh.
– the Pandora quick mix feature on our Roku; we get Shakira, the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Petty, Tom Waits, AND Nick Cave in rapid succession because of Erik’s weird penchant for outlandish stations (outlandish for him, i mean; see: the Shakira station) and it’s fun.
– fat fashion blogs that have tons of resources for plus size ladies like me. they’ve made me a much better dresser and I love them for it.
– Tina Fey’s new book, which took me all of one day to read.
– the fact that Hulu has Night Gallery for me stream on my laptop on slow workdays. Viva la cheesy sci fi/horror! and Rod Serling, of course.

I have to make lists like these lately. They preserve my mental health. Between all the bad news, the government’s bullshit, my severe ennui with life in general, and our on going snow showers/no sun EVER type of weather, I’ve got to laugh to keep from crying. That said, I’m making Erik help me smoke a chicken this weekend and I’m making another stir fry because that kind of thing definitely puts me in the laughing mood rather than the crying one.

Dinner: Homesick Texan’s pastoral pork tacos

Breakfast: French omelet with cheddar & scallion biscuits
Dinner: smoked chicken, parmesan garlic roasted potatoes, macaroni and cheese (yay carbs)

Breakfast: Pioneer Woman’s sour cream pancakes, bacon
Dinner: I’ve got to use up the steak in our freezer, with asparagus, and yeast rolls

Breakfast: poached eggs with ham and toast – I found a recipe for buttermilk bread that I’d like to try out for toasting purposes
Dinner: chicken, corn and black bean tostadas with melted pepper jack

Breakfast: French toast made with that buttermilk bread
Dinner: shredded beef torta, spicy roasted potato wedges

Breakfast: ham, egg and mushroom scramble, toast or bagel (for me, Erik, not surprisingly, hates bagels)
Dinner: beer braised chicken, mexican rice

Breakfast: I’m really feeling like some oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon
Dinner: ginger scallion beef with broccoli

For the “treats” of the week, I purchased some strawberries and will be making Italian soda with some of them. I’m also, as mentioned above, baking some buttermilk bread, some telera rolls for those tortas, and monkey squares for me. Erik has requested a box of nutty bars from the grocery store for his lunch desserts.



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6 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. do yo have a recipe for beer braised chicken or is it an off-the-top-of-your-head sorta thing?

  2. rebekah

    I’m using whole cut up chicken pieces, putting spices on them (salt, pepper, ground coriander and cumin), browning them in oil, then browning some onions and whole smashed garlic cloves, tossing it all in a pot, then cooking them with Shiner in the oven until the chicken is done. I’m hoping it’ll cook up nice and browned and tasty. We’ll see.

  3. jewelboxer

    erik IS a nutty bar. who doesn’t like bagels and cooking with wine? sheesh.

    that chicken sounds nice. shiner makes everything better.

    and hey, no government shutdown. woot.

  4. rebekah

    Gah, I know. I’ve converted him on the wine thing because he ate beef bourgiougnon and loved it enough to want it again. can’t convince him on the bagel thing though. or popovers.

    re: the damn government: i still want to set everyone over there’s face on fire though. i just can’t EVEN with these people anymore. i sure feel like a valued human being, you know, with my uterus and my healthcare options being shuffled around as a bargaining chip. grrrrrrr.

  5. jewelboxer

    WORD. things like health care and the effing DEFINITION OF RAPE are not bargaining chips. they are blatant labeling of huge sections of society (women and those who can’t afford insurance) as second-class citizens and should be treated as such.

    but then, i’m a raving liberal who is a bit upset with democrats who have become more republican than centrist.

  6. rebekah

    me too. if i get any angrier my head will explode. literally.

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