Menu Planning

So I have awesome friends, I think you should know. The kind who overnight me homemade sausage. Sausage that is quite incredibly good. Sausage that tastes like home. You can imagine how giddy this makes me. The arrival of this sausage that is everything happy and good on this earth is the most exciting piece of the menu this week. A menu which was rather easy to make, surprisingly, given my total lack of meal ideas lately. It’s been a bit difficult to keep the grocery bill low – we are using as much of our deep freeze stock as possible (and without eating steak every day, which is an astonishing feat, let me tell you), and I’ve been trying to make as many things as possible with pantry items so I don’t have to buy new ingredients each time I shop. Still, I only reduced our bill to $95 and that’s the lowest I seem to be able to get it. Yet another reason I can’t wait until our snow melts so I can get some food planted. Produce is what’s so expensive for us and approximately half of my weekly grocery list is produce. But anyway, I’m just rambling about all this to make up for the fact I have nothing much to talk about. Here’s the menu.

We’re spending Friday night, visiting our friend Tim at the cemetery, and doing some shopping on Saturday in Utah, restocking everything we’re low on. Erik keeps talking up this place and it looks very good and they have beer (Utah beer, but beer nonetheless) so we’re going to eat there for dinner. So I’ll probably just move Friday night’s meal (the ginger and scallion beef and broccoli) to tonight. Easy peasy.

Breakfast: I’m making those omelets this weekend with buttermilk biscuits
Dinner: smothered pork chops, potatoes, peas

Breakfast: breakfast burritos
Dinner: meatball minestrone, Italian bread toasts

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast
Dinner: Erik’s favorite beef tips and gravy, mashed potatoes, finishing off the last of last year’s beets in our freezer

Breakfast: blueberry scones, poached eggs, sausage
Dinner: seasoned grilled chicken breast over charro beans, rice, with corn tortillas

Breakfast: potato and egg tacos
Dinner: grilled sausage with onions, peppers, roasted potatoes, whatever vegetable I find on sale in Logan

Breakfast: probably leftover scones with eggs
Dinner: open face “pizza” sandwiches, side salad with vinaigrette

What I’m baking: for lunch desserts, I found a chocolate cinnamon bundt cake with a chocolatey coffee drizzled icing that looks good to me. I’m also making more of that Italian herbed bread I made a few weeks ago. Cake AND I get to spend some time away from town (and hopefully in a warmer place away from snow): this is going to be a good week.



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4 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. Katie

    Yay for sausage… It’s sooooo delicious. If it is from who I believe it’s from, the recipe for it is so freaking good!

  2. rebekah

    It’s totally Cooper sausage! I’m totally excited to eat it! Your mom is awesome. Seriously.

  3. jewelboxer

    oh goodness, is it the link sausage? i mean, it’s ALL good, but that link sausage is stupid good. you’re going to love it.

    you make scones and poached eggs in the middle of the week and then you go to work?! you are awesome. i don’t even shower before noon every day.

  4. rebekah

    YES it’s the link stuff. We had an impromptu bbq thing the day before my wedding and your parents brought some with deer and pork and it was AMAZING. i’m very excited about it, can you tell?

    To be totally honest, I make the scones on Sunday and freeze them, then bake them as needed.

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