menu planning

Food magazines are driving me insane. I currently have a huge stack of old Rachael Ray’s, Bon Appetit’s, and Food Network magazine, not to mention the copies of Sunset, Woman’s Day, and Family Circle that I snatched off the library’s “free, please take me” piles. I’ve tried to go through them to make a more manageable pile, but they’re all dog eared, which means there are indeed recipes I thought looked interesting enough to put on menus, so they can’t be recycled yet. Problem is, these dog eared copies go back AN ENTIRE YEAR. My crafty lady room is overrun because that’s where they all currently reside. I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and go through them. So if I disappear one day, never to return, it’s because I have literally drowned myself in glossy food mags. Pray for me, people.

None of the dishes for this week’s menu, obviously, come from those magazines. Remind me of this post next time I complain about menu making and having no ideas.

Dinner: Tandoori chicken (made on the grill), ginger cilantro rice, naan

Breakfast: orange yeast pull apart bread, scrambled eggs and sausage
Dinner: smoked pork chops (because a few weeks ago my grocery store sold me some of those gorgeous, extra thick pork chops they usually NEVER carry and they’ve been sitting in the freezer waiting for me to use them), corn, potato salad

Breakfast: potato, bacon and herbs breakfast skillet with eggs
Dinner: Erik has requested we make crock pot lima beans and ham with the leftover ham hock from last week’s dinner and cornbread

Breakfast: ham and cheddar scones (again, using leftover ham), eggs, toast
Dinner: ginger scallion beef with broccoli, rice (I didn’t make it last Friday because we had pizza so once more, with feeling.)

Breakfast: bagels, eggs, bacon
Dinner: burgers and onion rings

Breakfast: avocado and tomato omelet, toast
Dinner: fajitas, rice and beans (I swear I’m the only person whose radar doesn’t blip when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. I never remember to insert some Mexican dish on this “holiday” – I’m always trying to make barbecue chicken or something very not-Mexican. I remembered at the last minute, this year.)

Breakfast: I’ve got waffles in the freezer so probably those with some kind of egg for Erik on the side
Dinner: Thomas Keller’s fried egg BLT

For baking I’ve got naan to make today, hamburger buns tomorrow, and strawberry cupcakes. I’m also looking forward to dragging down my canning pot: we’ve got 3 lbs of strawberries and I’m planning on making some more jam and we bought some cute little mini cucumbers and we’re going pickling. Every single jar of pickles at the grocery store are imported from India or China. I don’t understand that. At all. So we’re pickling. We’ll see how that turns out.


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