Menu Planning

So I sat down on Tuesday night and started going through some of those food mag piles. I recycled 10 (TEN!) so far and donated the rest to the library’s “take me for free” pile. But I did cull two recipes from a few of the magazines for this week’s menu, which is kind of stupid considering I had so many pages of so many magazines dog eared. Some of the things I bookmarked once up on a time just looked ridiculous to me now. This little magazine spring cleaning project has shown me that sometimes I have too grandiose of ideas for mealtime. I only have so many weekends in my life for “big deal cooking”and so much of that time will be spent outdoors in the months to come so I don’t really have time for some of the craaaaaazy stuff I once thought I might actually make. Again I find myself asking, um myself, why is it that I am so busy and on such a tight schedule with household stuff when it’s just me and Erik? I think it probably has a lot to do with Erik not doing enough things that I take care of and I should probably fix that. But if I’m being completely honest with myself, that won’t happen in the realm of housekeeping duties because I HATE THE WAY HE CLEANS THINGS. Oh sure he’s really good at sweeping the kitchen floor, which I hate doing, but the way he loads the dishwasher drives me nuts. I don’t like how he folds clothes. Things like that. I’m just way too particular about how I like things done to assign him anything other than hanging up his own clothes and sweeping the floor. You honestly should see the way he loads a damn dishwasher. Totally helter skelter, no organization or reason to it. Complete chaos. It makes me crazy.

Anyway, on to the menus. I am going to have Erik help me once again this week with cooking. Last Sunday he took over breakfast making duties and made some AMAZING smoked pork chops for dinner. I might also let him do some dishes. By hand though. He’s not touching the damn dishwasher.

Dinner: sausage with onions and sauerkraut on buns, baked potatoes, green beans. I was going to smoke the sausage but it’s raining, so we won’t. Boo.

Breakfast: skillingsboller, which apparently are Norwegian cinnamon buns, accompanied by a little egg scramble (I wanted to do a really nice Mother’s Day pancake breakfast for Eilene but they aren’t back in town yet. They’re camping in Utah, currently).
Dinner: beer marinated steak sandwiches with garlic aioli, “JoJo” potato wedges, corn

Breakfast: crispy potatoes with onions & garlic, fried eggs, bacon (lately I’m thinking having a constant case of extreme garlic breath will keep people from leaning over my desk and getting in my face at work. Honestly, why do these people do that? Ugh.)
Dinner: barbecue chicken and pineapple skewers, crispy potato roast, broccoli

Breakfast: poached eggs on hash browns with avocado, sausage
Dinner: Southwestern stewed pork and beans (not like the ham hock and lima beans, I promise)

Breakfast: breakfast panini (using leftover Cuban bread loaves I’ve still got in the freezer)
Dinner: spaghetti, garlic bread, side salad

Breakfast: yeast waffles (with eggs for Erik)
Dinner: chicken and bean chili

Breakfast: BOBs. I have leftover hamburger buns in the freezer to use up, too.
Dinner: beef and mushroom tacos with avocado “salad”

For my baking this week, I’m making the hot dog buns, Sunday’s cinnamon buns, some soft chewy rolls for freezing, and since Erik’s uncle gave us a pineapple from their Bountiful Basket, I’m using part of it for chicken skewers and part of it for a pineapple upside down cake. Also, I am making a small loaf of English muffin bread for toasting.


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