Menu Planning

I’m a little late with this but there was sun and dirt to play in, all around lovely weather and outdoors projects to tackle. I hope you understand. Also: I got a sunburn! I’ve never been so excited to have angry, red, kinda hurty skin. I’m looking forward to more.

Foodstuffs are not as interesting this week; I’ve got a repeat because I didn’t make tacos on Friday and we’re going to have a long weekend in Logan again for our anniversary this upcoming weekend (you couldn’t pay me to be out on the roads Memorial day weekend). I did, however, find another super awesome pizza dough recipe that I think I’ll be adding to my rotation.

Dinner: pizza with New York style pizza sauce

Breakfast: super simple – eggs, salsa, beans, tortillas
Dinner: beef bourgiougnon, rolls

Breakfast: biscuits and eggs
Dinner: BBQ pork ribs, baked potatoes, corn

Breakfast: fried potatoes, poached eggs, bacon
Dinner: hot dogs, mac and cheese, broccoli (sometimes you just want to eat like a five year old)

Breakfast: yeast waffles (I didn’t make them last week. I made buttermilk pancakes instead)
Dinner: chicken with garlic and parsley, buttered egg noodles, leftover rolls

Breakfast: migas
Dinner: those mushroom and beef tacos I never got around to making on Friday

Breakfast: breakfast burritos
Dinner: wherever we end up eating in Logan

For baking I’m making a brown sugar apple bundt cake and I purchased some strawberries to make Italian ices.



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2 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. jewelboxer

    did you actually make that beef bourguignon from scratch? because DAMN, that is impressive.

  2. rebekah

    Oh yes. Sundays were made for that kind of all day cooking of fancy shit. 😀

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