Menu Planning

Every year we have take a weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary – this year makes 5 years married! – and we had no agenda for this weekend other than to have an early anniversary celebration (our actual anniversary is May 27 but you couldn’t pay me to travel around here on Memorial Day weekend, or as I call it “the entire state of Utah Invades Star Valley” weekend). It’s nice to not have to do anything other than enjoy some time together. I took Friday off to clean house, do early grocery shopping, and make my mother in law a birthday cake and Saturday was spent just chillaxing (as the kids say) out of town. We also ate at two great places, both owned by the same people. I tried lamb twice and liked it both times. I think I would like lamb as long as I don’t have to smell it while it’s cooking, because the lamb gyro Erik ate on Friday night was delish, as was the lamb curry he had on Saturday night. Lamb being delicious was an interesting revelation to me.

Breakfast: fried eggs, bacon, english muffin toast
Dinner: BBQ beef sandwiches (I have bottled bbq sauce to use up), roasted potato wedges, quick summer squash salad (minus the arugula. obviously I cannot get that here)

Breakfast: quick and easy breakfast burritos
Dinner: grilled pork chops, creamy potato and onion gratin, green beans

Breakfast: eggs with bacon grits, toast
Dinner: steak hash with eggs (breakfast twice in one day is better than once a day, in my opinion)

Breakfast: French toast
Dinner: pork chop one dish dinner and a vegetable side I haven’t figured out yet (I know, I know, pork chops again so soon? This was supposed to be arroz con pollo but I forgot to pick up chicken thighs. Oh well)

Breakfast: oatmeal for me, eggs for Erik
Dinner: grilled steak, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, baked potatoes

My mother in law’s birthday cake turned out to be super cute (in my opinion). It was also devastatingly delicious – I used Amanda’s chocolate cake recipe, and this vanilla frosting. It tasted like how cookies and cream ice cream tastes, but way better.

The decorating itself couldn’t have been simpler. I used this tutorial, a Wilton 1M tip and a pastry bag full of frosting and it’s probably the best looking cake I’ve made lately.

There won’t be much baking going on this week: I need to make a quick sweet thing for Erik’s lunch desserts, but otherwise I’m saving the baking for this weekend. While in Utah I purchased a perforated baguette pan so I’m going to make a batch of baguettes again and hope that I get that lovely, crisp outer texture by baking it in my new pan.

Also, Erik got me an early anniversary gift:

I can’t wait to make something fancy in it this weekend.



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4 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. jewelboxer

    oooh, i’m making lamb today. i’m so glad you liked it! i’m pickier about it than scott is; it’s just such a strong-tasting meat.

    look at that fancy anniversary gift. happy five years!

  2. rebekah

    It didn’t have the weird flavor I expected considering what it smells like when it’s cooking. I was really surprised. Also, I think that the fact that it was covered in curry spices and other delicious things also helped make it palatable to me.

    I’m thinking chicken with garlic and wine and things of that nature are going into that pot this weekend. 😀

  3. nancyrunswild

    Happy Anniversary!

    Your cake looks adorable and delicious!

  4. rebekah

    thanks, darlin’! I wish I could more accurately express how delicious this cake was. So, so, soooooooo good. Honestly.

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