Menu Planning

I had a whole bunch of cooking projects on the line for this weekend, but when we get a reprieve from rain, however brief, we take full advantage of it. Yesterday we raked all the piles of rocks out of our backyard and planted one of our trees. Needless to say, my grand “make my own pastrami in the smoker” plan didn’t get done. Today we’re stuck indoors. More rain. Blah.

So, we’re slowly drifting back into “hearty sandwich nights” as dinner territory and that’s fine with me. I find I’m happiest if I’ve got a loaf of some fresh bread I’ve baked in the house with which to make spectacular sandwiches or just snack on. As the weather continues to warm up, I also find that the grill is moving into its permanent position on the porch, ready for us to cook on. This week I’m throwing steaks, chicken, AND ribs on it. This is very exciting to me. I also can’t wait for Father’s Day because I am going to grill the hell out of some hamburgers. ::does happy I love my grill dance::

Dinner: pork ribs, baked potatoes, corn

Breakfast: buttermilk pancakes, strawberry compote, sausage links
Dinner: Erik offered to make puffies so I’m chowing down on some puffy tacos tonight.

Breakfast: scallion potato pancakes, eggs, sausage patties
Dinner: this was going to be pastrami and sauerkraut sandwiches on ciabatta, but thanks to the rain, we’re making pork chops of some sort instead.

Breakfast: huevos and salsa with flour tortillas and beans (I’m craving spicy things so I want eggs & salsa real bad right now)
Dinner: grilled steaks, summer pea salad, rolls

Breakfast: English muffins, poached eggs, bacon
Dinner: barbecue chicken legs, some vegetable I haven’t figured out yet, leftover rolls

Breakfast: refrigerator waffles
Dinner: I’ve got chuck to use up, so shredded beef tacos with onions, cilantro, and lime-cilantro rice

Breakfast: whatever. grits for him, oats or hot breakfast couscous for me
Dinner: molletes with grilled flank steak slices (I’ve got to use up that beef), spicy roasted potato wedges

Baking will include a double chocolate loaf cake for lunch desserts, long rolls for the molletes, and regular rolls for dinners throughout the week. Erik has also requested no bake chocolate, coconut and oatmeal cookies so we will also have that on hand for snacking.

the very lovely white birch we planted yesterday


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