menu planning

…starts with Sunday because I didn’t make anything on Saturday, due to working all day.

Breakfast: hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and toast
Dinner: beer braised boneless pork ribs, coleslaw, cornbread

Breakfast: migas
Dinner: buttermilk fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits (possibly, if I’m feeling ambitious), a vegetable

Breakfast: breakfast quesadillas
Dinner: Italian sausage mini pasta bake

Breakfast: baked French toast with blueberries and sausage
Dinner: cemita poblanos (like a torta but on a hamburger-like bun, made with pounded thin beef that’s been breaded lightly and fried and topped with various accoutrements), onion rings

Breakfast: some form of eggs, some breakfast meat, leftover biscuits
Dinner: grilled Asian pork chops, vegetable fried rice

Breakfast: sausage grits, sunny side eggs
Dinner: hot dogs – maybe. I’m in Jackson this day so we’ll see.

For my extras, we’re making another batch of pickles (these things are so delicious we’re going through jar after jar so quickly). I’m also baking the cemita rolls and some hot dogs buns. For dessert, I’m thinking coffee-chocolate cake. With or without the coffee frosting. We’ll see how ambitious I feel.


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