Menu Planning

Three words that equal complete giddy happy joy joy: FOUR. DAY. WEEKEND. Good luck getting me back to work after four glorious days off suckers. ::high fiving a million angels::

Dinner: we are eating prime rib and stuff at my in laws house. My contribution is cake, of course.

Breakfast: honey buns
Dinner: pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies

Breakfast: fried egg and sausage patty on a leftover cemita roll
Dinner: beer marinated chicken tacos, whole pinto beans, chile de arbol salsa

Breakfast: crunchy pecan waffles
Dinner: pork tenderloin sandwiches, oven fries

Breakfast: eggs and bacon and toast
Dinner: marinated whole chicken on the grill (the name of the recipe is pollo a la brasa), rice

Breakfast: creamy oatmeal for me, an egg for Erik
Dinner: flautas with shredded pork for filling, beans and salsa

Breakfast: poached eggs on bagels, I think.
Dinner: 7-layer tostadas

I’m baking that cake for the barbecue and I think that’s it. No fancy bread or anything other than Sunday’s honey buns.


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