Menu Planning

So I spent most of this week in Cheyenne for a work thing which meant not having to cook or clean up post-cooking but also meant having a soured stomach on all that eating out. Blurgh, honestly. I still haven’t recovered. I have however, recovered my will to cook (and clean up post cooking) by making a pretty detailed menu for the week. I’ve got jam to make, yeasty things to bake, grilling to do, and because I was the recipient of my very own pizza stone upon returning from my very long trip, I will be eating pizza. I hope my tummy will survive the carnage of yummy things.

Dinner: pizza on my pizza stone!

Breakfast: PW’s French toast with berry butter, bacon
Dinner: BBQ pit beef sandwiches, mixed chopped vegetable salad (with a lemon garlic dressing), possibly a baked potato but we’ll see how hearty these sandwiches end up being.

Breakfast: cinnamon sugar blueberry muffins, eggs for Erik
Dinner: Barberton fried chicken, mac and cheese, cauliflower

Breakfast: Erik has weird stomach problems these days so all he wants lately is a bowl of shredded wheat and 1 egg. So that’s what we’re having
Dinner: enchiladas, beans

Breakfast: breakfast tacos
Dinner: pork chops with “magic” dust , mixed veggies

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage
Dinner: red chile hot wings, haven’t decided on a side dish yet

Breakfast: whatever
Dinner: hot turkey and swiss sandwiches, tater tots

for baking, I’m making buns for the BBQ sandwiches, jam to exchange with Ms. Amanda, and possibly dinner rolls to freeze for the week. For lunch desserts, a simple soft sugar cookie will suffice, I’m thinking.


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