things they don’t tell you about aging

1. You will find yourself in the office bathroom, after your 500th pee of the morning, washing your hands and a strange glint in the mirror will catch your eye. You will pull that glint off your head and it will be a grey hair.

2. 8 hours of errand running, yard work, housework at age 18 = still feeling like staying up til midnight doing stuff. 8 hours of errand running, yard work, housework at age 29 = YOU CAN’T FREAKING MOVE IN THE MORNING.

3. Your friends don’t call you much anymore because all your conversations start out with “guess how big my [insert name of random plant from your garden] is?” or “well here’s MY secret to folding fitted sheets…”

4. You turn down shots of tequila because they (quote) “give me heartburn.” I have said this and meant it. Erik has heard this and looked at me in horror as if to say “who is this old, old woman in front of me and where is the young, tequila swilling chickie I married?”

All this has happened to me lately. And it’s weird and I also think I don’t totally mind. Except for the whole sore muscles from doing minor things thing. Also answer this for me: I don’t have children (not human ones anyway) and because I don’t have children, I expect that my life will have a lack of misadventure about it that my friends who do have kids don’t seem to have. So why do I feel like I’m always running around like a headless chicken? It’s not that stressful for other two person households to keep up on the housework and cooking, bill paying and full time work is it? Because lately everything’s all “oh my god I woke up at 6 instead of 5:oo-5:30! I have to rush rush rush!” Keep in mind my commute to work is exactly 5 minutes. Is it supposed to be this stressful? If not, what am I doing wrong? Is it all the vacuuming? I swear I do not know.

Anyway, this meal is so simple I almost died in relief because of its simplicity. Marinate the chicken, grill the chicken, find a quickie side dish for it, eat. Preferably with a glass of wine. Definitely with a glass of wine.

Tuscan Grilled Chicken 
recipe from Fake Ginger

You Need:

however many pieces of chicken you want. I used thighs and wings because that’s what I needed to use up from my freezer
zest and juice of a lemon
salt, pepper
olive oil
fresh rosemary, minced
fresh thyme, I used the lemon thyme from the garden
garlic cloves (I used two) minced

Put your chicken in a bowl and put salt and pepper on it. Add in the lemon zest and juice, the rosemary, thyme (if you’re using it) and garlic. Drizzle with olive oil. Use tongs and mix everything together to coat all sides of the chicken. Cover your bowl and keep it in the fridge. Marinate for four hours, up to overnight. Heat up your grill. Cook the chicken (on medium if you’re using a gas grill and turn off the burners on one side, put the chicken on that cooler side) until it is cooked through and everything is nicely browned. Serve with whatever you want. I roasted some potatoes with more rosemary and olive oil and salt/pepper, and grilled some garlic bread slices. See how simple this one is? You’ll have so much free time in the evening post-making this you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

Cooking music: Blues Traveler. It took me straight back to high school


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