menu planning

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile mostly because it’s still been so goshdamn difficult to be creative in the kitchen. We’re seeing a lot of repeat meals, I’ll be honest, and I’ll also say that right now that’s okay with me. I’ve got myself worked up into a frenzy with each passing day of my summer. The mornings are getting cold and I’m hoping the sun and warmth will hold out just long enough for me to have some green beans and cabbage. I’ve harvested smallish beets, turnips, some baby carrots and peas, and my very first vine ripened tomato. I’m really looking forward to eating it.

Dinner: Erik made us gorditas

Breakfast: huevos rancheros with refried beans, bacon and hot sauce (and flour tortillas of course)
Dinner: panko crusted pan fried cod for me, pan fried oysters for Erik. I’d really like some hushpuppies to go with this, but we’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling. I’ve got a shit ton of corn in the fridge too so I will probably make some ears of corn.

Breakfast: yeasted buttermilk waffles, bacon
Dinner: banh mi, made with actual pork belly. I’m very excited about this. I’ve got a Son Dao original recipe for it and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be spectacular.

Breakfast: breakfast burritos
Dinner: swiss steak with roast carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy

Breakfast: just a simple egg scramble with HOMEMADE CANADIAN BACON (yes that’s a brag and yes we are taking full advantage of our smoker)
Dinner: Italian sausage and penne pasta bake (a special request from Erik) with garlic bread

Breakfast: oatmeal for me, eggs & breakfast meat for Erik
Dinner: grilled steak and Caesar salad

Breakfast: leftover waffles
Dinner: chicken thighs coated with this Thai spicy peanut mixture I found at the grocery store, rice and spring rolls

For my week’s baking I’m just doing up baguettes on Sunday for the banh mi and garlic bread. I might make some more dinner rolls to store in the freezer as well. It’s been nice to have those on hand throughout the week. Even if I pull them straight from the freezer they thaw fast in a warm oven. I might also get my jam making on because my mother in law split a Bountiful Basket with me and I have a lot of peaches and plums and strawberries in my possession. I’m saving some of those peaches to make a peach blueberry pie for my father in law’s birthday next week, but I’ve also got my eye on preserving sliced peaches in honey syrup, canning them, and storing them for the winter. Erik is going to have to build me a cellar to store all my canned goodies. We’re planning a trip in September to something called the Utah Fruit Way, which is supposed to be a bunch of fresh, local harvested fruit and vegetable stands all along some highway in Utah. I am hoping for good Utah cherries, peaches and tomatoes at the very least. There will be many jars of summer’s deliciousness in my pantry. It will be glorious.


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