Menu Planning

Well I feel all sorts of invincible every time I’m able to make a menu in one day and without crying and/or beating my head against the wall. I finished this on Monday morning and had time to hash out a game plan to make my evening cooking/cleaning time go a little faster. I’m honestly tired of eating at 7 every night, finishing clean up and outdoor garden watering by 7:45, showering and all that, and only having like, 1.5 hours until I have to go to sleep and start it all over again. I’m looking into freezing meals and pre-preparing some things on weekends and keeping them frozen until I need them (I’m looking at you, pasta sauce and pizza dough). That said, we’re eating delicious, simple things this week. I need more of those two adjectives in my life.

Dinner: I’m rubbing spices on bone in chicken thighs, grilling them, and cooking a small pot of pinto beans with leftover smoked bacon chunks. In this will also go bell pepper, tomatoes, onions and garlic. I might add some surplus ears of corn to this meal.

Breakfast: biscuits, bacon & eggs and hashbrowns
Dinner: It’s my father in law’s birthday so we purchased beautiful 1 1/2 inch thick pork chops. We’re rubbing these with spices and smoking them. I’m also making Joy the Baker’s peach-blueberry pie (since he’s more a pie dude than a cake dude). My mother in law will provide the side dishes, though I will admit I see nothing wrong with just gnawing on a smoked pork chop then digging into pie and calling it a day.

Breakfast: I’ve got surplus fruit (grapes, plums, strawberries, oranges) that I’m going to cut up and make fruit salad with. I also have nutmeg syrup that my co worker brought me from the Caribbean so I might put some of that on there. Also, poached eggs and toast.
Dinner: I’m trying out a homemade pasta recipe for tagliatelle and serving it Olive Garden style with slices of Italian sausage and pasta sauce. Garlicky breadsticks and a side salad may make an appearance depending on how big the actual pasta dishes end up being.

Breakfast: blueberry brown sugar oatmeal, toast, soft boiled egg for Erik
Dinner: Shiner Bock dips with a baked potato and mixed veggies

Breakfast: omelets!
Dinner: we’re eating like kindergardeners tonight because Erik found some nice beef hot dogs to try and I still have  a bag of tater tots in the fridge from a month or so ago.

Breakfast: buttermilk pancakes with raspberry compote
Dinner: pan cooking some steaks with a veggie on the side and some rolls.

Breakfast: I don’t care at this point. Scrambled eggs probably.
Dinner: so my friend Son posted this amazing looking pizza to his facebook not long ago from some pizza place he and his lovely girlfriend ate at and I would like to replicate it. There’s sausage, sliced chiles, onions, bell peppers and tomato chunks on it and that just sounds all kinds of good to me.

For baking this week I’ve got lots of yeast projects going on. I have to refill my dinner rolls supply, make hot dog buns and possibly breadsticks. We have a potluck staff meeting on Tuesday so I will be making a pan of that awesome focaccia along with some chicken salad. I need to make pie and pasta dough and I’ve got a mocha cake with a coffee glaze in mind for lunch desserts. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks now. It’s time to make it.


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