Menu Planning

I got ambitious (and delicious) with this week’s menu because I have a four day weekend (though now technically it’s two more days). Erik made french toast this morning and I’ve got some chuck roast in the oven for ropa vieja tacos for tonight’s dinner. But the meal I’m most looking forward to is Tuesday’s. If I survive the happiness of eating that meal I will blog it, I promise.

Breakfast: Mexican egg scramble (with onions, tomatoes, avocado, fried tortilla strips and some monterey jack) served with our bacon and corn tortillas.
Dinner: braised pork belly tacos with salsa, refried beans, rice and tortillas

Breakfast: fried eggs and grits, toast
Dinner: beef biryani with basmati rice, garlic flatbreads

Breakfast: bacon & cheddar scones, scrambled eggs
Dinner: fully loaded nachos (easy and junky, two of my favorite adjectives)

Breakfast: poached eggs, sliced fruit, sausage and toast
Dinner:  Cajun spiced pork chops (an thing that sounds good to me), garlic roasted potatoes, sauteed yellow squash

Breakfast: yeast waffles with peaches
Dinner: peanut chicken and rice with stir fried veggies and spring rolls (I didn’t get to make this dinner the week I had it on the menu)

There won’t be any baking this week; I’ve still got some mocha bundt cake left from last week and the chip delivery guy who is Erik’s pal gave him a box of Ding Dongs so he’s set for lunch desserts this week. I’ve got more canning to do! No time for baking! Plum jam and preserved slices of plums, more preserved peaches and peach jam and peach jam with vanilla and maybe some peach butter! You people who are my friends are going to be mighty happy with your Christmas gift boxes this year. I can almost guarantee it.


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