Menu Planning

My tastes run hot and cold on some things and as I get older they change completely, I’ve noticed. For instance, a few years ago, I liked eggplant. Lately, not so much. But Erik really likes it and purchased two while we were produce shopping in Utah and now I’m stuck eating it so they won’t go to waste. Meh. I’m adding chicken to the dish in question though so there’s that. Otherwise, I have no clue what to do with it. I’m not quite in a ratatouille sort of mood yet. Anyway, this week finds us eating Fall meals. This morning as I was furiously scraping ice off my windshield and shivering in my summer shirt, I conceded to the weather gods that it was indeed not full blown summer anymore and I do indeed need to start wearing my coat in the mornings. This is not a good thing to me. It’s an okay thing, however, for menus because I’ve been craving Erik’s chili and now that it’s colder again, we’re having it. Also: more soups coming up. You really can’t hate on soup, I think.

Dinner: eggplant (and chicken) parmigiana, garlic breadsticks, salad

Breakfast: baked eggs with potato rosti, bacon, toast
Dinner: baked chicken leg quarters, mashed potatoes, roasted squash, rolls of course

Breakfast: cinnamon roll pancakes, egg on the side (pancakes don’t extend real far into the morning, especially for Erik who expends a lot of calories working and needs to eat a lot of them to sustain his energy)
Dinner: red beans and rice (with whatever spicy sausage I can find at grocery), Emily’s cornbread

Breakfast: egg and sausage breakfast sandwiches
Dinner: crockpot carne guisada, beans, flour tortillas

Breakfast: papa con huevos tacos
Dinner: pork chops, sauteed bell pepper strips & onions, rolls, baked potato

Breakfast: poached eggs with bacon & toast
Dinner: tostadas (I figure if I’m going to make a pot of pinto beans to add to the chili, I may as well make something else to utilize them.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs. I usually don’t even care by Friday.
Dinner: Erik’s chili

I still have quite a bit of canning to do this weekend; I’ve got pears that need preserved, beets that I want to pickle, and a few plums for a quick skillet jam. With the rest of the plums I want to make a quick bread for lunch desserts and I’ve got my eye on a plum crumble, though I truly don’t need to make that. (But I waaaaaant it!) I also have frozen pizza dough and I’m going to make mini frozen pizzas to store in the freezer. I’m making mini freezer packs of veggies too, as I have bell peppers, yellow squash, and green beans that would be fine sliced, blanched and then frozen to use in quick stir fries. It’s a genius idea really and I don’t know why I never thought of it myself. Oh I know why: because the mere mention of stir fry sends my husband screaming from the room. Hell for me will be an eternity of shoveling rocks and for him I think it will be an eternity of coming home after a long day to a stir fry dinner. Oh well.


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