Menu Planning

Oddly enough I feel like I’m in some sort of weird relaxed state, despite the fact that this week has been incredibly, excruciatingly slow (both co-workers were out of state attending a Breastfeeding Education training so I was alone all five days) and on Saturday our flu season officially begins with an all day clinic up in Kemmerer. Then for the next month I will be thrown headfirst into several flu shot clinics for the duration of the month. It’s always a stressful time, but the best part about it is that the working days (even the overtime) go by so fast. Before I know it, it’s November and I’m in Thanksgiving meal planning mode. I might also be in vacation planning mode because I haven’t taken one this year yet and it’s BADLY NEEDED. Anyway, menus for this week and next had to be done fast because I will be working two Saturdays in a row and have to entrust Erik to the grocery shopping. Thankfully Tastespotting had more actual meals than desserts on its site this week so I was able to plan pretty easily. I love it when that happens.

Dinner: smoked chicken, buttered parsley potatoes, some kind of veggie, whatever I end up scrounging up from the freezer.

Breakfast: eggs in hell, refried beans, flour tortillas
Dinner: roast pork with mushroom gravy, peas, mashed potatoes

Breakfast: my old standby, breakfast tacos
Dinner: enchiladas, rice and beans

Breakfast: scrambled egg huevos rancheros
Dinner: Japanese pork cutlets, stir fried veggies, rice and spring rolls

Breakfast: breakfast sandwiches
Dinner: Sonoran hot dogs on bolillos

Breakfast: scones, poached eggs, bacon
Dinner: penne bake with spinach and tomatoes, garlic bread, salad

Breakfast: basic egg scramble
Dinner: pan fried steaks, hasselbeck potatoes, rolls

For baking this week I’m keeping it simple: dinner rolls to freeze, banana bread (I have almost totally black bananas on my counter) and carrot spice bread for Erik’s lunches. I found myself with a surplus of carrots (our harvest of Scarlet Nantes plus an in law who had a surplus of his own harvest gave us some) so I’m making carrot bread. I’m also making chicken stock to freeze. I’m going to try to freeze it flat in ziplock bags. We’ll see how that goes.



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2 responses to “Menu Planning

  1. Katie

    Do you make your own corn tortillas for enchiladas?

  2. rebekah

    not usually because they’re hard to roll without breaking. Also, I’m not that good at making corn tortillas. I mean, they’re just the recipe off the masa bag, but for some reason, mine never turn out very well. Erik is the one who can make corn tortillas and they are delicious. Same recipe from the bag and everything. I don’t know why his are so good!

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