Menu Planning

So Erik picked out an 18 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving. Exactly four people attended Thanksgiving dinner this year and only three of those people ate turkey. I have a lot of freaking turkey left over (though I am not complaining about this). I have only one dish of turkey leftovers planned currently, but there will probably be a bag of turkey in the freezer for awhile yet. I’m toying with the idea of creating my friend Son’s idea of turkey spring rolls. In fact I can’t get them out of my mind. I also happened across a creamy turkey and wild rice soup that will use up turkey and turkey broth I currently have frozen. I’m looking forward to these leftovers, people.

This week I’m concentrating on making dinners as easy as possible because I have more tamales yet to make as well as starting on Christmas candy and cookies. The goal is to get them done and get them mailed by mid December.

Dinner: chili cheese hot dogs and onion rings. Nasty good.

Breakfast: conchas, eggs, sausage
Dinner: beer braised carnitas, rice, beans

Breakfast: those breakfast flatbreads I never got around to making a couple months ago.
Dinner: turkey shepherd’s pie, rolls

Breakfast: crunchy pecan waffles (well walnut instead of pecans because I’m hoarding my pecans. I refuse to pay almost $20 for a fecking pound of pecans)
Dinner: baked rosemary lemon chicken with red potatoes and mushrooms, rolls

Breakfast: breakfast tacos
Dinner: Italian meatball soup (with spinach and such in it), breadsticks

Breakfast: poached egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches
Dinner: fideo soup, corn tortillas

Breakfast: an egg scramble and toast
Dinner: Cha Sui pork, steamed rice, spring rolls

My extras this week include more tamales and starting my Christmas caramels. I may make cookie doughs and freeze them but I haven’t decided yet.


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