a quickie

I do like happy accidents, especially when they result in something delicious. In this case I can just shrug it off all “I meant to do that” even though I didn’t.

So I was playing two Farmville’s at once yesterday – I guess I should confess that I am so obsessed with the game and in need of neighbors that I play the game on my husband’s facebook. I know it’s pathetic. I’m thinking about getting help for it. Later. After I get to level 100. Anyway, I had a pot of caramels on the stove waiting for them to reach soft ball temp and I plain forgot about it. I jumped up as soon as I remembered and the pot had gone just 5 degrees or so above soft ball, not quite to hard stage yet. So I proceeded as usual, pouring it into a buttered pan and letting it sit in the fridge to firm. When I went to cut it later, thinking I still probably had caramels on my hand, I found that they had hardened up. A lot. It wasn’t a disaster though because the chunks I broke off of the candy taste exactly like a Werther’s Original. I love Werther’s Originals!

To make them, follow this regular recipe for caramels but instead of cooking to soft ball stage, cook to hard candy stage (your candy thermometer should have a line on it that says this). Pour your mixture into a buttered 9×13 pan and let cool in the fridge until it hardens. Remove the solid mass of candy to a large wooden board, then break it into smaller pieces.


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