Menu Planning

So I turn 30 next week and since I don’t have any friends here in Wyoming and no significant way of partying hard to mark what is an exciting milestone for me (I have major sads about this, people. Major.), I’m letting Erik spoil me. I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to make me puffy tacos or if I wanted to make a pizza so we’re doing both. Not on the same day, mind you. Since Erik works so late during the week days, he’s making me a cake and puffy tacos on Saturday and on my actual birthday we’ll have leftover cake and a loaded pizza I’d like to make since I’ve already got perfectly good pizza dough sitting in my freezer. Plus I need my freezer space back. It is taken up currently by pork bellies, pork roasts and tamales, extra holiday baking butter, and a shit ton of Chung’s spring rolls. (Don’t judge me.) It’s steadily getting colder and snowier so comfort food is filling the menu this week. And now that I think about it, when does comfort food ever not fill the menus?

Dinner: puffy tacos! cake!

Breakfast: sweet potato cinnamon rolls
Dinner: cuban roast pork sandwiches, skinny French Fries

Breakfast: Denver omelet sandwiches (I wrote “sammy” on my menu because apparently I think I’m Rachael Ray)
Dinner: meatloaf with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, roast carrots, rolls

Breakfast: roasted sweet potato, onion and bacon hash, fried eggs, toast (can you tell I still have sweet potatoes left over?)
Dinner: pork chops, potato parsnip gratin, peas, rolls

Breakfast: turkey green chile scramble in flour tortillas
Dinner: pizza! more cake!

Breakfast: poached eggs, sausage, English muffin
Dinner: beef chili beans, corn tortillas (I found a document of copied recipes from the Tex Mex Grilling book on my computer with this recipe.)

Breakfast: egg scramble, toast
Dinner: turkey spring rolls, fried rice

I do have a lot of extraneous cooking/baking to do this weekend. I’ve got Christmas treats to put together, another batch of actual soft caramels to make up for my hardening the other batch last week. I have to make baguettes, rolls to freeze for the week, we have to smoke another batch of bacon (we’re obsessed with this recipe for maple brown sugar cured bacon currently because it is truly to die for). We’ve delivered 8 dozen tamales to the people we usually give tamales to for Christmas and the rest will be parceled out here and there plus I’m taking at least two dozen to our office Christmas party next week so I have to make more tamales. I’m thinking about pre preparing and freezing some Christmas cookie dough to bake later but that depends on what kind of freezer space I’m looking at. December is the busiest cooking and baking time for me!


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