Menu Planning

Being on a semi-diet* is exhausting, people. I’m planning out every single bit of each meal and snacks. My grocery list making just got real nitpicky and I’m keeping a food journal everyday. iPad has a cool app called My Fitness Pal that has a (pretty vast) searchable database of foods with their nutritional info attached so it keeps track of the amount of calories, sodium, fat, protein etc. you’re consuming, the water you’re drinking and exercise that you do day to day. It’s a lot like the online Weight Watchers food tracker except it doesn’t deal with the whole points thing. And I think it was only like, .99 or 1.99. I can’t recall. Pretty cheap though.The one huge “needs improvement” area in my eating life I have found, are my lunches. I usually take leftovers but when Erik is extra hungry the night before and eats ALL THE FOOD, then I obviously can’t do that. Those end up being my “PB&J and potato chips” days or whatever junk I can scrounge up. This is not good, according to My Fitness Pal. These lunches are catapulting me WAY over my daily calorie limit. The good thing about adding lunch planning to my regular meal planning is that I can eat the things Erik won’t – instant brown rice, couscous, things of the Asian persuasion. These are relatively healthy meals which balances out my usually calorie heavy breakfasts and dinners. I’m also back to walking on that boring-ass treadmill again. Except now I’ve got the iPad and my netflix queue. So I can watch things like the Lost finale while treadmilling, making that task infinitely less boring. Although I don’t recommend watching things the Lost finale while exercising because that = me sobbing on the treadmill each time Jin and Sun were on screen. Not cute, people. Anyway, here’s menu planning for the week. Hopefully I can keep my determination and momentum up before I’m back to my old “Nilla wafers smeared in peanut butter will make a fine lunch” tricks.

*I call it my semi diet because in the past (and weight has been a struggle for me my entire life) dieting does not work. All it does is remind me that I am denying myself food and despite whatever weight loss I happen to have, I get too comfortable and immediately return to eating whatever I want. I’m a firm believer in moderation and while I don’t think that my diet is terrible, I do think that I eat too much sugar and carbs and that I don’t exercise enough. So I’m retaining the good aspects of how I eat (hardly any prepackaged, processed food, home cooked meals almost all the time, plenty of vegetables) and I’m trying to cut out more of the sugar and add more fruit and less reliance on carbs to fill me up. A semi-diet will work for me, whereas a regular diet won’t.

Breakfast: leftover blueberry waffles with scant butter (I’m cutting down my butter intake, ya’ll), drizzle of maple syrup. I’m beginning to eat breakfast on Saturdays now because if I eat before I go food shopping, I bypass the VERY BIG AND DELICIOUS donut case in the store entirely because I’m not famished while shopping.
Lunch: I usually don’t eat lunch on weekends
Dinner: panko crusted fish tacos on homemade corn tortillas, with lime/jalapeno/cabbage slaw, Mexican rice or black beans. I haven’t decided yet.

Breakfast: French toast
Lunch: I usually don’t eat lunch on weekends
Dinner: Navajo tacos with homemade chili beans

Breakfast: Erik will be getting his standard eggs and bacon, I will be eating oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries, and possibly a hard boiled egg for the protein
Lunch: turkey sandwich on ciabatta bread (homemade) with pickled peppers that I canned myself & provolone, carrot sticks, cottage cheese (no chips!)
Dinner: shredded roast beef sandwiches on homemade kaiser bun, oven roasted potato wedges, broccoli or cauliflower (haven’t decided yet)

Breakfast: blackberry muffins, soft boiled eggs, breakfast sausage
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: crockpot lechon with mojo sauce, black beans and rice

Breakfast: veggie egg scramble (mushrooms, onions, tomatoes), toast
Lunch: leftovers  (crockpot meals usually yield a lot of leftovers despite Erik’s sometimes voracious appetite)
Dinner: navy bean and spicy sausage soup served with crusty no knead bread

Breakfast: breakfast sandwiches on leftover kaiser rolls
Lunch: leftover soup
Dinner: Italian roasted chicken with spaghetti aglio e olio

Breakfast: poached eggs and bacon, toast
Lunch: another turkey on ciabatta
Dinner: lasagna roll ups (with spinach and Italian sausage), garlic bread made from leftover no knead bread

I’ve got a lot of baking to do this weekend – ciabatta for lunch sandwiches, kaiser rolls (leftovers will be frozen of course), a small loaf of no knead bread. I know I mentioned lessening my carb intake but keep in mind I won’t be eating all of this at once. Much of my bread baking gets given away or put in the freezer and it lasts us a few weeks. Snacking is limited to fruit and greek yogurt, celery and carrot sticks (which I do like a lot). I’ve also decided i really love the Wheat Thins Fiber Select Garden Vegetable crackers. Those are quite tasty, especially with a piece of muenster cheese.


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