Menu Planning

We’re running full steam ahead into our lean months at work and at home. There’s not much to do in either place so I’m viciously bored (one can only draw out the plans for the summer garden and make lists of what I’m going to buy for it so many times). I’m not getting along with a certain family member (and it’s so easy to do that, with such a tenuous relationship always on the verge of severing completely anyway) so that’s got me down. All I really want to do is shut off my phone, not answer the door, not change out of my pajamas and just stay in bed every single day. That’s not a good thing. So I tailored this week’s menu to try and jolt me out of these doldrums. There is of course a good dose of comfort food for breakfasts, some new things we haven’t had in a long time, and what I hope will be a pretty spectacular dessert. If that isn’t enough to make me just a little bit happier, then I give up and will become a hermit farmer. I’d make a good one, I think.

Dinner: Cajun spiced cornmeal crusted perch, sauteed spinach and onions, cheddar bay biscuits (I shouldn’t eat these but sometimes you just need something cheesy and buttery)

Breakfast: cinnamon roll scones, bacon, eggs
Dinner: Erik wants to make dutch oven chicken and dutch oven potatoes so I’m going to let him.

Monday (I have this day off work, thank goodness)
Breakfast: Denver omelets
Dinner: Italian beef sandwiches

Breakfast: Breakfast on a Bun
Lunch: leftover tikka masala
Dinner: pork milanese, parsley butter potatoes, broccoli (organic broccoli is on sale this week)

Breakfast: buttermilk blackberry pancakes
Lunch: chef salad
Dinner: chicken and mushrooms with brown rice, rolls, peas

Breakfast: leftover scones, poached eggs, ham
Lunch: adult lunchable (I’m making this with some slices of deli sausage, muenster cheese, Wheat Thins Garden Vegetable crackers and I’ll eat them with a side salad)
Dinner: minestrone soup, garlic bread

Breakfast: our typical Friday egg scramble
Lunch: leftover soup
Dinner: plain jane tacos

I am making a batch of baguettes this week to use with those beef sandwiches and to make garlic bread. I also ran across a recipe for peanut butter espresso truffle blossoms which look all kinds of spectacular so I’m really looking forward to those.


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