Menu Planning

I almost dreaded opening up Word and beginning the menu plan for this week. I hate all the blank spots and I really hate not having an immediate answer to fill them. But for some reason, I banged out a decent menu plan in about 30 minutes. I love when that happens and it’s always impossible to predict when it will. I’m still not very inspired lately about anything. All I want to do is sip hot tea and lay up in bed in my pajamas and crochet the day away while listening to some program on television. It’s been an excellent way to relax, since I can’t plant anything yet (thanks erratic weather and ERIK GET OFF YOUR ASS AND START BUILDING MY RAISED BEDS!). Ahem. I think we’re almost completely over soups and stews and I can’t wait to get the porch cleaned off so we can pull out our grill and get to grilling and eating our meals outside. In the meantime, I’ve got slightly summery dishes on the menu this week to placate my wishful weather thinking.

Dinner: I’ve got to use up chicken wings in the freezer so it’s junk food night: crunchy hot wings, crunchy potato wedges, and maybe some broccoli or green beans if those items are on sale this week. If not, then I’ll keep barreling through the stash of frozen peas from last summer.

Breakfast: giant cinnamon rolls with buttermilk glaze. I got the Joy the Baker cookbook as a gift and these immediately popped out at me. They’ve actually been on the menu for THREE WEEKS now but I just couldn’t get it together enough to make the dough and form them on a Saturday so I can just pop them in the oven on Sunday morning. This week I will get it together and do this.
Dinner: we’ve got steaks to use up, so steak. I haven’t decided what to make on the side yet.

Breakfast: bacon & egg breakfast sandwich on buns
Dinner: crockpot shredded beef barbecue sandwiches, coleslaw

Breakfast: hash browns, eggs, and our homemade Canadian bacon
Dinner: pork chops, chopped vegetable salad with lemon-garlic dressing (homemade), roasted red potatoes (gotta use ’em up!)

Breakfast: French toast (with eggs for Erik)
Dinner: summer pasta with tomatoes and Italian sausage

Breakfast: poached eggs, bacon, toast
Dinner: ham bone, cabbage, and pinto bean soup, cornbread ( I guess I lied up there about being over soup)

Breakfast: we always seem to have a simple egg scramble with either meat or vegetables mixed in on Fridays
Dinner: more junk: Sonoran hot dogs, side dish is as yet undetermined.

For baking, I’ve been making a couple loaves of regular sandwich bread for toast for the week. I’ve also got in mind to make a starter for sourdough. I’ve been craving it lately. Well sourdough pancakes are high on my list of “must have” right now so this might be my main incentive for working with sourdough, I must admit. I also need to make our hot dog buns and buns for the beef sandwich so lots of yeasty goodness going on this week. I am also making THIS for as a special treat for us (no frosting though – just cake). If anyone has any good ideas for lunches that don’t have to be microwaved (Erik has decided he is just sick to death of sandwiches) I’d love to hear them.


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