you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Does anyone else come down with the “hangries?” Let me define the hangries. The hangries are when I consume too few calories during a main meal and three to four snack-less hours later find that I am dizzy, lightheaded, feeling weak, shaky and just generally gross. Feeling gross is well, gross, and I get mad about feeling gross. So I am both hungry and angry about my plummeting blood sugar, hence I get a case of the hangries. The other day I experienced the hangries in a totally wicked way. I ate just a salad for lunch instead of pimping it out with protein and some kind of carb AND I forgot to eat my greek yogurt and fruit snack mid afternoon so at 5 I realized I was starting to feeling gross. I sped home to get some calories in my gullet and half a mile from home was stopped by the road fixer upper crew and their damned stop sign. “Oh you have to wait here for the pilot car,” they said. “It will only take about 15 minutes,” they said. Fine, grumble, grumble, I’ll just wait, I said. Fifteen minutes later, no pilot car and I’m still at a standstill. Twenty five minutes later, still no pilot car, I’m still looking at that goshdamn red stop sign, and the shakes have grown significantly worse. I’m contemplating gnawing off an arm while I’m texting furious (expletive laden frustrated texts) to Erik. THIRTY minutes later, I am on my way home. I run to the fridge expecting to grab my yogurt and THERE’S NO YOGURT. It’s in the work fridge wondering why I left it hanging for our 3 p.m. date. Also: no peanut butter and no vessel with which to get peanut butter into my mouth. Also: the only bananas I had were pitch black and in the fridge waiting to be turned into banana bread. Also: it would be another two hours before Erik got home so we could have dinner together. To say that I hulked out in pure rage at that moment would be an understatement. I had a full blown, raging case of the hangries. If there had been stuff on the counter, I would have swept it all off onto the floor in my rage and bellowed my hangry fury just like in the movies. Instead I devoured a quarter of a block of cheddar and a fistful of tortilla chips. Not good. I really wanted that yogurt. So I guess the moral of the story is I’m going to have to start being more vigilant about making calories available to me when I start to get the hangries. Don’t be surprised if you open up my work desk, or my glove box, or my bedside table and find granola, or peanut butter, or home canned fruit or bananas. I’m not hoarding food, I’m just staving off the hangries.

And to tie in the food I am writing about, coming home to a meal like this is a perfect way to dissolve the hangries. Because who can get mad at pork belly?

Pork Belly Gyros 
recipe from Salted & Styled 

You Need:
pork belly, skin removed, belly cut into 1 inch strips
a few good shakes of dried oregano
a couple of garlic cloves, minced
a bit of salt
flatbreads or some store bought pitas (I used flatbreads because I could not find good pita at the store)
tomatoes, sliced into wedges
thinly sliced red onion
tzatziki sauce

Tzatziki Sauce:
1 container of plain greek yogurt – I only had Chobani brand available to me, so I used the small size, they’re maybe, what, 1/2 cup worth?
a couple finely minced garlic cloves
1/4 of an english cucumber, grated, then drained well
a drizzle of olive oil (a tablespoon or so I guess I used)
a good sized glug of red wine vinegar (another tablespoon maybe? I don’t know, I didn’t measure)
salt, pepper

To make the sauce, mix all the ingredients together. Salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate it until you’re ready for it. This can definitely be made the night before. It tastes even better when it sits, I think.

Toss your pork strips with the garlic, oregano, pepper and some salt. Cover and let them marinate for 2 hours or overnight in the fridge. To cook them, you can either grill them like the recipe indicates, or since I didn’t have time to get that fired up, I put them in a roasting pan in a single layer, heated the oven to 450, let them cook in there at the high temp for like, 10 minutes, then dialed back the temp to 350. Cook them until until they’re well browned and tasty. You’ll know what they’re supposed to look like. Cut ’em up into smaller slices if you want.

Serve the pork belly slices on warm pita or flatbreads with red onion, tomato wedges, and tzatziki sauce spooned on top. I put some fresh greens from the garden on mine as well. It was a pretty outstanding and relatively quick meal.



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3 responses to “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

  1. Amy

    NoOoO, not the hangries! I get those too, in a bad way. I’d love it if we could send some CHO your way to keep you well stocked, and stave off any future hangries. 😉 Email me at amy.keefe[at]chobani dot com!


  2. Joy Villarreal

    I know the hangries very well. My wife gets them, well, often. P.S. I love you and your blog 🙂

    • rebekah

      Well good! I’m glad I’m not the only person who gets ragey when I don’t eat on time. I’m in good company, obviously 😉

      ❤ you joyful 🙂

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