Man food! Wild Food!

When I was a kid, my uncle shared with me his life philosophy “keep it simple stupid.” Those few words have stuck with me since and become something of a mantra. I just don’t try to church up what don’t need churchin’ up.  Fresh trout is one of those things  that doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to shine. Western Wyoming may seem lacking in a lot of things like traffic lights and basic shopping opportunities but we do boast world class trout fishing on the Snake, Grey’s and Salt rivers.  Trout fishing is in itself a simple endeavor; dangle a tasty morsel or imitation morsel in front of a peckish Cutthroat or Brown and in turn make it into your very own meal. That is where this story starts, with a nice pink-fleshed Snake River Cutthroat,  filleted and awaiting consumption.  So here goes, pan fried trout with fried potatoes.


2- trout fillets

1/2 -cup flour  (I use potato flour)

1 tsp- cracked black pepper

1/2 tsp- salt


1- large potato

1/2- white onion

1-tsp salt

1-tsp cracked black pepper


Start with two fresh skin-on trout fillets (preferably procured by your own hand);  sprinkle salt and pepper over fillets and roll in flour, covering both flesh and skin side of fillets in a thin flour coat.  I use potato flour out of necessity due to gluten intolerance (plus it browns and crusts up amazingly), but wheat flour works just as well.  Now you’ll want to skip peel one large potato leaving some strips of skin on it slice into 1/4 thick slices and thinly slice  half an onion, place these into a  preheated frying pan over medium heat with 2-3 tbsp  of your favorite cooking oil. Allow potatoes to crisp, occasionally turning as they begin to brown. When potatoes seem about half done turn your attention to the trout. In a separate preheated pan also over medium heat and containing 2-3 tbsp of cooking oil place the fillets skin side down, leave the fillets alone until the edges begin to crisp and curl (about 3 minutes or so) Now turn the fillets flesh side down and cook for a similar amount of time, cook until a golden brown is achieved  where the fish contacts the pan and the flesh begins to appear flaky.  Keep an eye on the potatoes throughout this time turning until they and the onions are internally  soft with crisp browned surfaces. Drain excess oil on a plate covered with a couple of paper towels and serve immediately. For best results drench fried potatoes in a generous amount of ketchup. Feeds one hungry man.



Guest post by Erik


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